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Free Accounting Software Version 2.0

Free Accounting Software release 2.0 is an extremely robust business accounting software package. Free Accounting version 2.0 incorporates many of the new features our Accounting Software users have been asking for. For two years Free Accounting Software has been bringing affordable business accounting software to over 100,000 business accounting software users world-wide. You could pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for the standard accounting features and business functions included in Free Accounting Software.

Free Accounting Software Support

If you have questions about Free Accounting Software, or need help getting started call our support line from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm (EST) Eastern Standard Time. Our support technicians are always happy to help.

Free Accounting Software Enhancements!

Free Accounting Software version 2.0 is jam packed with new features. Some of these new accounting software features include:

  • FO/LIFO/Average Cost inventory cost accounting methods
  • Receive Inventory without requiring a PO.
  • Create an Invoice without requiring a Quote or Sales Order.
  • Create a Customer Credit Memo on the fly.
  • Create a Vendor Credit without creating a Return PO first!
  • Enhanced Create New Company Wizard.
  • Improved Company Logos for printing on reports.
  • Attach pictures of your items to inventory.
  • Add new States, provinces, countries, items, customers, vendors and more, on the fly.
  • Modify reports: hide and show report columns and change headings.

Free Accounting

Accounting Software that is Multi-User

One of the most important features of Free accounting Software is the TRUE multi-user scalability. Free Accounting Software was designed from the ground up to meet all of your business accounting needs. Free Accounting Software is not a "light" or "scaled-down" accounting package. Free Accounting Software is an agile, enterprise grade accounting software package that is almost effortless to learn. Free Accounting uses either Microsoft's MSDE (for your single computer or small network - MDSE is distributed with Free Accounting Software Setup) or Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 (for your larger more demanding multi-user environment.) The same Free Accounting Software Package is designed to work in both environments. The only difference in implementing in a large or small environment is where Free Accounting Software stores its accounting data. This means that if you are a smaller company you do not have to sacrifice accounting and business software functionality. It also means that if you are a large company you do not have to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on an Accounting Software Package.

Accounting Software grows with you

You may install Free Accounting Software today on one computer, only to find that next year your company has grown and you need 25 accounting software terminals. This is not a problem for Free Accounting Software. Upsizing Free Accounting Software is as simple as making an accounting data backup from Free Accounting Software theen "restoring" the accounting data to your Microsoft SQL Server, if your company grows large enough to require it. Either way, Free Accounting Software will work equally well for one or multiple computer systems, Free Accounting Software will perform all of your business and accounting tasks. If you are a non-technical computer user and do not know what MDSE or MSSQL is, do not worry. Free Accounting Software comes with all the components required for installation and operation and the Free Accounting Software installation wizard program will set up you accounting software for you.

Accounting Software works with existing MSSQL installations

You have a large company or you already have Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 installed. Free Accounting Software will ask you if you want to use MSSQL during the Free Accounting Software installation. If you already have MSSQL installed you can simply provide Free Accounting Software with a valid user name and password to create a Free Accounting database on your existing server.

Accounting Software that has no limitations

Free Accounting Software does not limit or restrict the number of Free Accounting users or terminals. You are FREE to install as many copies of the Free Accounting Software as you require. At the same time Microsoft's MSDE does restrict connections to your database and will limit the number of Free Accounting Software terminals you can have active at any one moment in time. Exactly how many terminals you can have while running Free Accounting Software depends if you are using MSDE (free from Microsoft) or Microsoft's SQL Server (purchased from Microsoft). Keep in mind that you can always upsize to Microsoft's SQL Server 2000 and purchase client licenses from Microsoft for as many client connections as you require. Initially you probably will not have to worry about these issues. If you require a lot of terminals for Free Accounting Software, a quick visit to our Free Accounting Software online support forums will get your Free Accounting Software questions answered.

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